Welcome to Duradek and Durarail of Colorado!

DURADEK, the original sheet vinyl membrane for waterproofing decks, patios and balconies developed to solve leak problems over 40 years ago. Make a choice that matters and with minimal maintenance which allows you to enjoy your time on your new DURADEK. Our company is your number one source for professional service in Colorado. We surpass the competition, in not only price, but value as well. No where will you find a longer warranty. We have some of the best trained installers ready to go to work for you today, just give us a call! It's that simple and GREEN!

DURADEK is perfect weatherproof protection for:

  • Sundeck or Sundecks
  • Roofdeck or Roofdecks
  • Balcony or Balconies
  • Patio or Patios
  • Hot Tub Spa and Pool Deck Areas
  • Boat Decks or Boat Flooring/Yacht Decks or Yacht Flooring
  • Garage Floors
  • Washroom or Washrooms
  • Porch or Porches
  • Stairs or Benches
  • Wheel Chair Ramps
  • Gym/Equipment Workout Rooms
  • Rails/Railing for patios, decks, balconies, etc.
  • And any place you need a product to waterproof an area, DURADEK is the product for you!

Many styles and textures to choose from and with its minimal upkeep, you are not constantly correcting errors and issues with basic concrete and wood, which will save you time and money!

Yes, Vinyl IS Green and eco-friendly. Aside from having No Deck or Roof (which uses NO products, consumes NO energy, and creates NO landfill waste or need to recycle), Duradek is your GREEN choice for Outdoor Waterproof Flooring.

Compare PVC. When compared to products that perform the SAME function, consider the following:

  • PVC's one-step application and longevity compare favorably to the multiple application and reapplication requirements of liquid-applied systems, saving many trips to the job, which in turn consumes less energy.
  • There is a huge weight savings benefiting the structural requirements and the energy consumption to transport as compared to an EPDM membrane with concrete pavers.
  • When compared to pressure treated wood, there are no chemicals leaching into the environment and likely double the life expectancy.
  • As a waterproof roof or deck, compared to alternatives, DURADEK IS THE GREENER CHOICE!
  • Duradek products can be considered for LEED points.

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Danny Warner, Pres.